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The Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur 

DLDC Consulting was founded in 2010 by entrepreneurial and realistic senior managers to provide positive, results-driven consulting and interim management for SMEs and multinationals in the logistic, transport, and security sectors. We also have many years’ experience in structuring and launching sports organisations, to give athletes the support and sponsorship they need to play their hearts out. 

With 25 years’ broad experience in the field - not behind a desk – and across the globe, we have extensive knowledge of operations, legislation, and all types of quality standards. DLDC doesn't give clients pre-packaged solutions. We bring open-mindedness, transparency, persistence, and our focus on simplicity and results to find what will work best for your business and the change you seek. 


The well-known slogan “thinking out of the box” isn’t our approach. Our philosophy? There is no box. Where other consulting firms say, “we’ve done all that we can do,” DLDC keeps going until the job is done. We are pit bulls when it comes to finding solutions.


Interim & people management

Employees make a company. Effective communication with these people is essential to successfully implement change, such as introducing new systems and improving processes, and to motivate and inspire colleagues. 

Make the most of your employees and your company, and work for positive change over the long term. DLDC guides your company and your employees through this process.


“Employees can often identify both operational problems and solutions. Acting as a bridge between employees and management, and being neutral, we bring together the strengths of both sides to elevate the whole. The person doing his job is an expert in his field, it’s crucial to listen to him, and  to involve everyone from the beginning with change programs. This is the key to success.” 


Working with DLDC means:

Results-orientation | Focus on your goals
Customised service  Personal follow-up, from consultation to implementation
Structure  System installation and reporting; knowledge is power!
Passion & expertise  Sincere interest in your business issues
Pragmatism  Targeted, hands-on approach

Interested in becoming a Partner?  

DLDC Interim Management always seeks to establish trustworthy partnerships with freelance specialists from every sector who share our vision. We vet our partners with the utmost care to provide our clients with exactly the expertise they need, regardless of the situation, on the correct scale. 

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About Us

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