Is your security policy on target?

DLDC supports SMEs and multinationals in developing and implementing their security policy. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, DLDC brings real world, hands-on understanding to the table. We scan your company's operational DNA, chart the vulnerabilities and product flow, and design pragmatic, customized security measures.

As an independent security specialist, we are not affiliated with any security supplier, and thus are completely unbiased in choosing the right solution for you. 

>> With a thoughtful approach and structured solutions, DLDC sets up a coordinated management platform that meets both the required and industry standard safety criteria in your field.


How can DLDC help? 

  • Advise on safety issues, people, products and processes
  • Monitor prevention, intervention, optimization, installation and security structures
  • Manage the general project: installing drivers, bills, market observers
  • Prevent theft investigation (loss prevention, employees and managers)
  • Analyse transport & logistics (TAPA and AEO Certification)
  • Select access control, camera monitoring, burglary and` fire detection, alarm room, tracking trucks, etc.

>> An efficient security policy that perfectly matches all parameters will save you time, expense and concern. Streamline your security management.

DLDC acts as an objective debate partner for clients in any sector, from medical to construction and from transport to food, to determine safe and optimal workflow. We increase the level of security in your organization by harmonising subsystems into one unit, with integrated security protocol that is adherent to all legal requirements.


What’s the added value with DLDC?

  • Lower insurance and other costs 
  • Simplified administrative paper mill
  • Optimized investment in security systems
  • Product damage control and quality retention
  • Lower product cost as a result of less waste
  • Stronger identity, enhanced corporate image through certifications
  • Clearer safety and security measures
  • Increased employee comfort and productivity
  • Save time 
  • Peace of mind


Ready for a professional security policy?
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