Are your road & air transport optimized?

DLDC is expert in land and air transportation processes for logistics companies, distributors, transport companies and retailers. With our up to-date knowledge of national and international transport regulations and years of industry experience, DLDC considers all relevant parameters. We establish guidelines for efficient transport flow in Belgium and Europe, with tight delivery times, and always to the required quality standards. 

>> DLDC examines the entire transport process, door-to-door: licensing, safety, transport flow, administration, driving and rest times, reporting, quality and service.


Why should you call DLDC?

  • Administration for transport of food, waste, animals, dangerous goods, security, etc.
  • Advise on VAT, customs, TAPA, AEO, packaging, and certifications
  • Transport licenses tailored to vehicles (national, commissioner, storage, etc.)
  • Register drivers with the correct type of driver's license
  • Deliver documents to proper services (transportation, delivery & collection of goods, official representation, legal documents import and export goods, reporting)
  • Optimization delivery deadlines, quality tracing
  • Security for transport, storage and distribution
  • Subcontractor follow-up and management 

>> DLDC is a partner for independent entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinationals. We guarantee smart transport management with quality results. 

Thanks to our years of experience in the national and international transport sectors, DLDC brings a great deal of knowledge to your organization. Do you need advice on a specific topic, or would you like to optimize the entire transport flow in terms of cost and quality? Then DLDC is the transportation expert for you! We provide a clear view of your transport, on road and in the air.


What’s the added value with DLDC?

  • Increase transport quality 
  • Better satisfied customers
  • Optimized profit margins
  • Set legal standards and safety
  • Reduce complexity
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Correct system installation for staff rest and driving times


Ready for an optimal transport management?
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